Our story


On July 14th, 1968 Roy Leonard Carmack left a harbor in Southern California on a skiff alone; he was never seen again.


Days later he was declared lost at sea. Roy was my great-grandfather.


Decades later I grew up on that same harbor fishing, sailing and crossing the channel to enjoy beautiful Catalina Island. The story of my great-grandfather was always in the back of my mind.

Forever humbled by the ocean's strength, I was driven to understand it further and enjoy it responsibly.


In this search for knowledge, I uncovered an incredible lack of options. Despite the fact that good data existed and was getting exponentially better; expensive, complicated marine weather tools were the norm.

After years of putting up with these mediocre options, I decided to build my own.

The goal was simple: equip people with knowledge of the ocean so they can go enjoy it.


After hundreds of user interviews, bringing on an amazing technical co-founder (Delian) and building a version two from scratch; we're finalists in the Ocean Initiative XPrize competition and ready to start building the future of marine weather.